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Most of my posts will be concerning an analysis of scientific studies of the effects of meditation on mental and physical health. Once in awhile I might throw in something else. You never know.

  1. Hanging out with Ajahn Brahm

    Just came back from two days in sunny Northern California to see talks by Ajahn Brahm.

    As someone who has spent a week traveling in a bus in Bhutan with Aj Brahm (sitting next or near him to try to deflect the tide of questions about romance from the other 10 or 11 travelers) it was a real wake up call to see the tsunami of humans lining up patiently every available minute to speak with him.

    I have recorded a lot of the days' talks and hope to upload the audio soon ...

    Updated 27th-February-2017 at 03:20 PM by Richard Hayes

  2. Open Hearts Build Lives

    Fredrickson, B.L., Cohn, M.A., Coffey, K.A., Pek, J., & Finkel, S.M. Open hearts build lives: Positive emotions, induced through loving-kindness meditation, build consequential personal resources. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2008, Vol 95, No 5, 1045-1062.

    What was the question asked?: Basically, this study looked at whether metta meditation (in the paper called “LKM” which is short for “loving-kindness meditation”) would produce positive emotions in a group of ...
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  3. Meditation, medicine, and the mind/body connection

    Welcome to my blog here at the Dhammaloka Community.

    The scope of this blog will be the discussion of scientific research involving meditation and also aspects of health care delivery which can be impacted by mindfulness and/or mindfulness training.

    I encourage --- perhaps I should say "strongly encourage" -- comments. The main point of the blog is not my posts, but rather the discussion with other Dhammaloka Community members.

    I would like ...