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  1. More on attachment, or, Bloody Bliss and Freedom

    I've had a major breakthrough on the subject of love and attachment, that has been a work in progress for a long time.

    Recently my mind has 'lost the plot', exhaustingly running around in crazy circles, really causing a significant amount of suffering on an hourly basis. Since last Christmas I've been doing everything that I possibly can to deny, block, suppress, divert etc etc the feelings of love that were trying to arise.

    Then (at last...) I remembered that the ...

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  2. Why complicate things while the Buddhas' Teaching can be summarised in one verse


    Verse 183: Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's mind - this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.

    I feel we often lose ourselves in details pondering the Buddha's words, while actually it can be all quite simple, if we want to.
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  3. Does anybody have a suggestion as to an antedote to heartbreak?

    Hi all, after practicing for who knows 3 years or so I have dealt with all sorts of emotions. There is one mother- @!%$&* that keeps on reassurting itself. It drains my energy. Sometimes I am not even aware that it is in the background. I have at times successfully assuaged it through compassion practice etc.. Also letting it in. Sometimes just ignoring it as I go about my business. For awhile I was actually at peace with it until I met somebody. Long story.

    As a result I have ...
  4. Say Hello to My New Friend, Anna Tah

    It's Saturday morning, a but past midnight NY time. A 56 year-old-woman is typing on her father's couch, which she has been sleeping on since she moved into her 89 year old father's one bed apartment following of her fiancÚ's death about 2 1/2 years ago. She has her headphones turned up as high as they can, listening to Beethoven's 9th Symphony. To her, it's message is about universal love - no matter what your circumstance. For the moment, she appears peaceful - having lost patience with trying ...

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  5. Thoughts on attachment

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about attachment. I've decided to make this little space a place where I can jot my meanderings.

    It is so difficult to use language and not to convey a sense of self. If one is 'self referential' there are only certain words available, self, me,I, mine, myself.. Etc.

    In order to make it easier and clearer, I'm going to refer to the aggregate representing as Mara - as samsara Mara, SM. Could this be why people who ordain are given ...
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