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  1. A Buddhist Fairy Tale - Chapter 1 - One More Journey - Part 4

    I stood perfectly still. He began walking faster until he began to trot, coming directly for me. I glanced toward the corral gate but I'd never make it.
    Then he surprisingly slowed to a walk, and then nonchalantly sauntered over as if he had known me forever! He looked at me for a moment; he looked directly into my eyes as if he was human, and then he became just a horse again, nuzzling my hand and looking for a treat. Despite the fact that this whole episode was rather disquieting, I ...
  2. A Buddhist Fairy Tale - Chapter 1 - One More Journey - Part 3

    Chapter 1 - One More Journey - Part 3

    Of course! Power! It's what I had always thirsted for. I knew that I was destined for more than this princely role, this insignificant excuse for royalty that kept me so restrained. Yes . . . I could picture myself a great warrior leading my vast army to uncompromising victory, conquering all the kingdoms and showing my feeble father how it should be done.
    In the blink of an eye, I became obsessed with this idea of power. "Well ...
  3. A Buddhist Fairy Tale - Chapter 1 - One More Journey - Part 2

    I whirled to face my father.
    He timidly put his hand on my shoulder. "I am sorry that I have not been able to make you happy, Son. I have tried. Lord I have tried." He looked into my eyes searching for some kind of recognition, but I gave him none.
    "It's just that since your mother died," he continued, "I have been a bit lost, as you probably know, and raising you has been difficult for me, I just don't know how to do it. I am sorry. I love you more than ...
  4. A Buddhist Fairytale

    Chapter 1 - One More Journey

    Part 1

    The sound of pacing reverberated throughout the high spire, echoing along the halls of the upper chambers. I stopped pacing only long enough to gaze longingly at the valley below, slowly, from one end to the other. This precious kingdom that would be mine someday.
    Everyone looked small and insignificant from up here, and this made me feel good, but only for a moment as I continued pacing. This was my favorite place, this extraordinary ...
  5. Why complicate things while the Buddhas' Teaching can be summarised in one verse


    Verse 183: Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's mind - this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.

    I feel we often lose ourselves in details pondering the Buddha's words, while actually it can be all quite simple, if we want to.
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