• Metta Meditation

    If you practise this meditation it can help you stay positive towards yourself and others. It can also help to keep you calm and kind in difficult situations and reduce irritation and anger. Kindness is an antidote for anger and irritation. Many Buddhists use this loving kindness meditation extensively and particularly to dissolve anger and bitterness from the past.Sit quietly and comfortably. Breathing naturally. Keep focusing on your breathing for a while. Putting your attention on the area in the middle of your chest and around your heart, repeat to yourself gently and softly, feeling what these words mean:

    "Love, love, love, may my heart be filled with love..."

    As you are saying this, if you like, bring up an image of something that you feel caring and loving towards, it may be an image of a soft, lovable dog, or the serene look on someone's face, or it might be a baby, or the feeling of the soft fur as you stroke a kitten...

    Experience this feeling of warmth and love through your whole body: caring, healing, soothing. Let it wash over you and through you, gently repeating to yourself:

    • May I be well, healthy and strong
    • May I be happy
    • May I abide in peace
    • May I feel safe and secure
    • May I feel loved and cared for.
    Bring into your mind someone who is important to you, someone you like and respect. Engulf them with this warmth and caring. See them happy and smiling:
    • May you be well
    • May you be happy
    • May you abide in peace
    • May you feel safe and secure
    • May you feel loved and cared for.
    1. Now do this with someone else who is equally important, that you like and respect.
    2. Now do this with someone who is sick or upset or not coping very well.
    3. Now do this with someone you barely know.
    4. Now do this with someone you got irritated/upset with today.
    5. Now do this with someone who has hurt you/you are concerned about meeting in the future.
    Finally, radiate the warmth and love to people around you ... to everyone in your suburb, in your city, in the nation, in the world:
    • May we all be well
    • May we all be happy
    • May we all abide in peace
    • May we all feel safe and secure
    • May we all feel loved and cared for.
    Bring your attention back to yourself, so the feeling fills your whole being, breathing in peacefully, breathing out peacefully, at peace with yourself and the world.

    Written by Rachel Green and adapted mainly from teachings given by Ajahn Jagaro, to whom she gives her thanks.