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    Dhammaloka Community is the virtual version of a popular centre by the same name located in Perth, Western Australia. Just as our bricks-and-mortar centre provides lay and monastic support and resources locally, Dhammaloka Community provides similar services to Buddhists anywhere the Web reaches.

    Dhammaloka is a public platform (not anononymous). As Buddhists we are advocates of honesty and openness. Member participate using their real name which will be visible to all. There is no option to use pseudonyms. Private communication is possible through messaging and off-the-air 'Groups'. Duty of care requires that subscribers must be of legal age (18+) to participate. Members of the old BSWA forum wishing to join must re-register and subscribe. We have not migrated the old accounts, many of which had been compromised.

    As a community member you can:
    • Participate in discussions with fellow Buddhists
    • Ask our resident monastics questions
    • Get free blogging and photo album facilities. You can also post events
    • Start/join special interest groups and forums (private)

    Community membership is by paid subscription, effectively a small donation of $2 annually. Why have subscriptions?

    1. Upkeep of our server
    2. Complement Security (identity verification)

    If you are a monk, nun or anagarika you do not have to take out a subscription to participate. Contact us with your details including the monastery you reside at, phone number and contact person.

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    The Birth of Siddhartha.

    Thread Starter: Bradley West

    Hi everyone, May I have your opinion on the following. Thanks. Bradley

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