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Ed Rock

A Buddhist Fairy Tale – Chapter 3 – Broken Wings – Part 9

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“I can do this by myself, Sorcerer, if you just stay the hell out of my life!”

“Yes, of course you can! Headstrong people like you sometimes succeed in spite of themselves, but they always learn the hard way. They are destined to search for the key within the limitations of their imaginations and delusions of life because they will never believe or accept the wisdom of a wise person. They cannot follow directions from another because that would deflate their big egos and they would have to work to reinflate them again. In a nut shell, that constitutes their entire existence – reinflating sagging egos that always lose air one way or another.

Controlling, self-important people only accept as true what they discover for themselves, which can be a protection because it is difficult to recognize a true teacher. But that also means they must learn very hard lessons by their own experience over a long period. In the meantime, selflessness, kindness and compassion from past lives will be their benefactors. Keep in mind what Ariya said about listening to that still, silent voice in your heart, but be careful, The Dragon of Atta will many times masquerade itself as that small voice and use it for his own purposes.”

“You’re right about one thing; Sorcerer, Maradin was an unforgettable experience. It hit me hard. I guess I should thank you for that lesson.”

“Very well, then heed these next words well - you will never find the key with your eye, your ears, your tongue, your nose, your touch or your mind. Use these keen senses in your travels to protect yourself, but only upon their eventual abandonment will you arrive at the key. They are mere material and existence, not infinity. You are still fighting external battles following your old habits of greed, hatred and confusion that were so exquisitely exhibited with Maradin.

“Begin relinquishing these now! Take the battle inward by acquiring and perfecting The Three Great Weapons of the Spirit. You must ready yourself with these weapons; otherwise you will be defenseless in the impending battle with the all-powerful Dragon of Atta. This dragon is your ultimate, eternal enemy, hiding your key deep inside his den. These Three Great Weapons are the only things that can defeat him.”

“Where do I go to find these weapons? What do I do?”

The less you go and do the faster you will acquire them.”

“Stop talking riddles!! How can I find something without using my senses? That’s all I have.”

“Heh, heh, heh.”

“You’re not making sense. What exactly are these three secret weapons”

“You must use your senses to look, my king, but not to find. You will solve this riddle yourself someday. And you can forget about your weapons of the world, for they are useless. The Dragon of Atta laughs at them.

“Pay heed, king; The Dragon of Atta fears the Three Great Weapons of the Spirit. Why? Because they have the power to destroy him and release the key. You must make it your solemn duty to discover these Weapons, train well with them and finally master them. Mastering comes at a high price however - everything - and requires something that very few humans have the courage to attempt; it is called . . . The Inner Work.”
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