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Ed Rock

A Buddhist Fairy Tale – Chapter 3 – Broken Wings – Part 10

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“Listen closely, King, I’m going to ease your curiosity . . . but just a little for now. The Great Weapons you will master through this inner work are three: a concentrated mind, an investigative mind, and an insightful mind. Concentration is your sword. Investigation is the skill of wielding this sword. Insight results after you master both concentration and investigation.

“Only by mastering these three internal weapons can you ever hope to prepare yourself for this inevitable battle to the death with the Dragon of Atta, and release your key.”

“Where do I begin with this internal battle?”

“Before you even attempt to master the Three Great Weapons, your virtue must be impecable. Virtue is tricky, however. You can pretend to be virtuous for a long time by following perceived virtuous conduct, and believe in your mind that you have become truly virtuous. The Dragon of Atta will even convince you that you are a saint! But following rules of virtuous conduct and following a forced discipline never cuts the roots of non-virtue and undisciplined tendencies.

“You have to SEE your NON-virtue and SEE your UN-disciplined actions, not cover them up with practices and rituals that only hide your deep rooted tendencies and make you think you are making progress. Only then will unshakable virtue and discipline take root. Do you understand?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Don't worry, you will. Look; The Three Great Weapons of the Spirit will enable you to watch everything clearly all the time, including your virtue and discipline. Once you see the truth of your lack of virtue and your lack of discipline, you will become virtuous and disciplined immediately - because the insight will disgust you. Without virtue you can never approach these three great weapons.”

“So, I can’t master my Three Weapons unless I am virtuous and disciplined, but I can’t be truly virtuous and disciplined unless I master the Weapons!”


“What can I do to break this conundrum?"

“Take one step at a time. Your first mission will be to sharpen your sword of Concentration. You will know when it is razor sharp.”

“How will I know when it is razor sharp?”

“When you attain the Four Great Calms.”

“Four Great Calms?”

“Yes, your concentrated mind will not be mastered until it attains these calms. At the same time, you must also open Seven Centers that dwell deep inside of you. Unless you learn to balance these centers, your pursuit of a concentrated mind will be thwarted. But be very careful of these centers; I can see danger here.”

“Wait a minute, Sorcerer! Three Weapons, Four Calms, Seven Centers? I’m lost.”

“Ahh, the great king is lost! I thought you didn't need a teacher! Right? You’ll have plenty of time to become acquainted with all of this. For now, just remember that a concentrated, still, relaxed mind leads to the Four Great Calms. Take one step at a time, my little king. You cannot take the second step until you are standing firmly in the first. Or you will wobble.

“But beware; if you charge after these calms as you have attacked everything else in your life, you will never attain them. You must learn to relax and let go – of everything."
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