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Ed Rock

A Buddhist Fairy Tale – Chapter 3 – Broken Wings – Part 12

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“Are you prepared to sacrifice everything, King? Your thoughts, feelings, ideals and opinions? These will be more difficult for you to surrender than your kingdom, for they identify who you are. You see, once you give them up, you renounce your identity as well as yourself. But they all must go.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, sorcerer. I would end up being nothing.”

“Exactly, and your mind will avoid this at all costs. Do not underestimate the power of your mind’s logic and reason to interfere with your quest. Logic and reason hang on to thoughts, feelings, ideals and opinions like a dog hangs on to a crippled rabbit. It’s how they protect the body and mind. So you must, for now, utilize logic and reason for your physical and mental well-being. But be careful; they have caused you much heartache in the past. They have confused and enslaved you by masquerading as ultimate truth, keeping you in human form with its inherent tragedies for untold ages. Thoughts, feelings, ideals and opinions have used you. It is now time for you to use them.”

“Sure, Sorcerer, I have strong opinions. How could I have led armies without them?”

“But where did they get you, my great king? You saw the trees, but not the forest. Was it logic and opinions that turned you toward the key? Or was it something else that you felt for a moment when your logic and opinions had no answers?

“Be careful of your opinions as you move here, travel there. At all times follow your heart and your intuition no matter how persuasively your logic and reason attempt to dissuade you. The Inner Work will expose you to direct insight and wisdom, but beware; logic and reason will attempt to take control of these direct insights creating beliefs and opinions about them. Logic and reason will abduct you from this precious, alive moment and imprison you in the lifeless pit of knowledge.

“Be wary of this danger, for it is most insidious. It will stop you dead in your tracks and result in many lifetimes of constructing false spiritual empires built on the unstable sands of ego. Then you will be cursed with merely the ashes of truth filling you with self-righteous opinions and arguments which have precipitated humanity’s greatest conflicts forever. Far removed will you find yourself, not only from this precious moment and infinity, but from greater insights as well.”

“I’m sure, Sorcerer, that all of this will all help someday. But not today. I’m afraid it's over my head.”

“Don’t concern yourself now; just feel fortunate that a unique hardship has presented itself in this lifetime. You see, this is a different kind of hardship, one you will struggle with now but later you will cherish. This special hardship has the potential of a permanent cure, instead of hardships that offer no cure whatsoever and merely fill oceans with countless lifetimes of tears.

“Someday you will understand this, all of it, but until then you will have mountains of silence to climb, rivers of tears to cross, jungles of confusion to wade through, and dry, arid deserts ahead. You will travel a very difficult road, my king, but if you persevere, you can be certain of one thing; that you will finally meet yourself on the trail someday. When that happens, self-experiencing will end. In the meantime, however, I wish you good luck my friend. Oh, and beware of the temple!”

And the sorcerer disappeared.
(End of chapter 3)
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