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    by Published on 18th-April-2011 12:03 PM
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    Following the direction of the comments on my Presidential address to the BSWA’s March Annual General Meeting over the past month has been very interesting. The depth and subtlety of the issues identified around the Bhikkuni ordination has been quite remarkable. It has been a pleasure to see these issues unpacked and deconstructed by many very skilled and knowledgeable bloggers.

    There have been three main sites I have followed that include the BSWA’s own Dhammaloka Community and our Dhamma TV site, but probably the site with the most interaction has been Ajahn Sujato’s Blog space. (Many thanks to Ajahn Sujato for hosting such a free and open discussion.) My hope is that all the monks and lay communities that are involved will read this and allow harmony, friendship and peace to be restored. ...
    by Published on 26th-March-2011 01:02 PM
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    It is with some regret that I need to report to our members the hardening of attitudes towards us and in particular to Ajahn Brahm by some senior monks from the Wat Pah Pong group, obviously still angry and annoyed over the Bhikkuni ordination in October 2009. I have just re-read my report from last year, and realized that the harmony and forgiveness I was hoping for last year seems still to be a long way away. It feels like things have got worse. Over the past year I feel our committee and our supporters have, in the interest of harmony and peace, suppressed a lot of feelings and words that could have been said, in the hope that the silence would allow these disaffected monks, who are displaying ill will towards Ajahn Brahm, a clear view of what they are doing in order for them to see where they are at. ...
    by Published on 5th-February-2011 02:13 PM
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    Four women from Dhammasara Nuns' Monastery in Perth Australia were fully ordained as bhikkhunis in the Theravada tradition at Bodhinyana Monastery on October 22, 2009 by the dual ordination proceedure (bhikkhuni upasampada kammavaca) of the Pali texts. They were ordained first by eight members of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha and then directly afterwards their ordination was confirmed by ten members of the Theravada Bhikkhu Sangha, thus fulfilling the qualifications for a dual ordination. The ordination proceedings were prepared and reviewed beforehand for orthodoxy and accuracy by a team of Vinaya scholars, and were audited during the ordination by Ven Ayya Santini Theri. Afterwards, on request, the ordination proceedings were shared with Wat Pah Pong Monastery in Thailand for their review.
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