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    by Published on 11th-February-2011 07:56 AM
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    I recently purchased all three currently available editions of Canon translations (BPS/Wisdom) for my Kindle (I also have the paper editions) via amazon.com. The Kindle (or its equivalent app on other device e.g iPad) has an excellent search and annotation functions.

    I was listening to a sutta discussion by Ven Dhiravamso last night when he mentioned Anathapindika, one of the Buddha's great lay supporters, and said that he was described many times in the Canon. I decided to test this and opened up my Kindle Majjhima Nikaya and searched -- within a second I found 98 search results that I could immediately access. Some mentions were in the commentaries, but still that was a very amazing primer on the man. (Also chapter 9 of "Great Disciples of the Buddha" is devoted to him -- if by some chance you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it).
    by Published on 10th-February-2011 06:58 PM
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    One way to help solidify or spark an interest in meditation practice by children is to help teach them about Buddhism and the story of the Buddha. I think that forms a solid basis for showing the benefits of meditation, and also makes it less easy for children to rebel against meditation as "just something weird my mom or dad does." Here are some of my favorites -- all purchased and test-driven at home over the years... ...
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    For all the European out there this may be of interest: a meditation retreat led by Ajahn Brahmali.

    Title: Meditation with Inspiration

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    Circular time

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    Dear Bhante,
    I have seen a couple of talks by Ajahn Brahm in which he says that just like 3-D space is curved (so that, to use an image that I

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    Trump - Buddhism and politics

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    A recent article points to increased political resistance by the US Buddhist community. What are our thoughts on this in the Dhammaloka community?

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    NDE, Meditation & "Jhana Practice"

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    We learned that Ed and Jerrod both had NDE, and they both spoke of "jhana practice" rather than just meditation practice. It is good to demystify

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    Hi everyone,
    I am keen to know what emptiness means in Buddhism and where can I find more info on this subject?
    Thank you.

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