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Thread: NDE, Meditation & "Jhana Practice"

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    Dear Marcia and all,

    I have realized, as you may have too, that jhanas are a part of life, not exclusive to Buddhism. Many people have undoubtedly experienced this and called it by other names, attributed the experience to other things. Pre-knowledge of Buddhism is entirely unneccessary. I could write a book on this post alone but don't have an interest in it. What I am interested in is people opening further and further to actuality. What I am getting at is that you may have had such experiences and the label "jhana" is preventing further understanding. There are as many 'padas' to the Dhamma as there are people. I hesitate, with extreme gravity, to say this; I realized the first three of the Four Noble Truths before I read word one of a sutta (in this life anyway) or became interested in Buddhism for that matter. So there's an answer, if you can trust that I have no desire to lie or aggrandize myself. Be well.

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    I thought I posted a reply earlier today but I don't see it coming up. So here is another go.
    Thank you Ed and Jerrod for your thoughtful replies.
    I agree with each of your perspectives and experiences.
    For me it is a matter of learning how much tranquility (samatha) is sufficient to form a foundation which gives rise to the necessary wisdom (vipassana) to gain Path Knowledge and Fruition. I try not to think about it much because then my concentration and effort suffer.
    I am confident that Dhamma will show the way if I just keep practicing.

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    Dear Marcia,
    What a lovely attitude. It reminds me of something that Ajahn Brahm often says - that it is all about exploring and experimenting with ones own mind. That no-one else can prescribe exactly the right thing for you. I am so glad that you have the confidence to do so. With the Dhamma to guide you, I wish you joyful adventures..... ��

    With Metta and joy for you


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    Thank you, Mara.

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