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    In ‘Samsara, all that we perceive as reality with our senses whether one is a so-called holy man or a layman is nothing but creations of our own deluded mind and here we are looking for answers to those very creations within this deluded mind. Going around in circles with no hope in sight, are we to continue on the same circular path? The ‘Middle Process'’ revealed by Siddhartha is the only way to free ourselves from this vicious cycle we are trapped in, to go beyond ‘Samsara’ the creator of the elusive ‘I’. When freed from its bondage, our clouded mind clears up to reveal the world for what it really is, just ‘Dhamma’ the empty process of ‘Dependent Origination’ where there is nothing to be defined. The deliverance from the world of duality or going beyond ‘Ignorance and Wisdom’. It is not a state of the mind but the end of both mind and matter or emptiness.
    “For the seeker, his ‘Samsara’ is within and to be sought within.
    But for the believer, it is without and to be sought without.
    Therefore, he will forever be running after others looking for
    his ‘Samsara’ sadly unaware he is the Samsara.”

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    I like it Bradley. Where did this come from?

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    Will the search inside reveal the belief that there needs to be a search as the problem which only exists because of the belief? I'm beginning to see the belief that there is "something which needs to be fixed or improved" is the actual problem. Thanks, Bradley.

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    Chop wood, carry water.
    “Here are roots of trees, here are empty huts – practice jhana! Do not be negligent! Do not regret it later!” - Buddha

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