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Thread: If I am to dedicate myself to attaining the first jhana in laylife, what suttas?

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    If I am to dedicate myself to attaining the first jhana in laylife, what suttas?

    Hello everyone.

    I am self directing my learning in the suttas and I am very new to sutta study. I am intent on cultivating the first jhana in this laylife and I seek the relevant practices required that are described in the suttas. So any suttas that are "more or less" directly pertaining to the requirements and understandings for this practice.

    With great metta,


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    Hi Jarrath,

    I commend you for your goals.

    The monks will be back in October and perhaps might answer that question better than I can. My experience is that the suttas are not very detailed regarding beginning meditation practice and speaks more of the results, which are the jhanas. Perhaps the sages back in the day already knew the basics

    Ajahn Brahm's "The Basic Method of Meditation" is a very clear detailed guide.

    Concentration/stillness can be practiced from an even more detailed basic platform, but would require much patience working through exercises; ie., beginning with counting mala beads!
    “Here are roots of trees, here are empty huts – practice jhana! Do not be negligent! Do not regret it later!” - Buddha

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    This is one I like:
    (Suttatalk by Ajahn Brahm about MN 118 Anapanasati Sutta)

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    Thankyou both for your input. I have collected a whole bunch! Ajahn Brahm's talks at Bandarawela seem to have come to my knowledge at just the right time too. Thanks for sharing. With metta -J

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